Taos Pueblo Veterans

Taos Pueblo community members have served in the United States Arm Forces since World War II and have continued on into today with the war in the Middle East. The military has had significant impact on the community for generations, some positive and negative.

The tribe recognizes the strength and honors both men and women have brought to the Taos Pueblo community. For generations the men and women of our community gave their lives and continue to give their lives for the honor, safety, and respect of our community and country.

In 2010 the Taos Pueblo Color Guard was formally reorganized and made their debut for the 40th Anniversary of the Return of Blue Lake, another successful struggle for Native American people.

With the resurgence of the Color Guard there has been a significant stress to recognize our veterans.

The Taos Pueblo Color Guard and the Taos Pueblo Governors Office are in the process of the installation and inauguration of the Taos Pueblo Veterans Living Memorial for Past, Present, and Future Taos Pueblo Veterans.

This is an honor which is long overdue. This memorial will recognize such notable names in the community as Mr. Tony Reyna and our late John Paul Mondragon, who served us all so proudly.