Here are a handful of images that where shared onto our Facebook page from visitors and community members. Taos Pueblo thanks you for submitting, we encourage any new submissions and new shares on our page. It is great to see everyone’s images. Come visit Taos Pueblo. As a friendly reminder, there IS a $6 camera […]

Feast days were introduced by the Spanish colonization and represent the celebration of the Patron Saints of the Catholic religion (see our Event Calendar) Feast Days also coincide with our traditional Pueblo religion which allows the people of our community to practice both the Catholic and Pueblo Religion. A typical Feast Day is a day […]

Late winter to early Spring the Pueblo closes for about ten weeks. call for info: 575-758-1028 Guided Tours available daily starting at 9:00 am. Please respect the “restricted area” signs as they protect the privacy of our residents and the sites of our native religious practices. Do not enter doors that are not clearly marked […]