Taos Pueblo Foundation

Taos Pueblo is a sovereign Pueblo Indian community located in Taos County in northern New Mexico with a population of approximately 2,500.

The Red Willow People have continuously inhabited Taos Pueblo for over 1000 years, and it is the only living community to be listed in the Registry of National Historic Landmarks and recognized by the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as a World Heritage Site.

A traditional form of government exists consisting of a Tribal Council, Governor’s Office and War Chief’s Office that provide general oversight of programs and services for members of the community.  Funding for programs and services is present, however there are funding gaps that impact programs and services that are relied upon by the community.

The Taos Pueblo Foundation Board of Directors believes a not-for-profit organization can have an impact and can support the unmet needs of programs and services that align with the organization’s exempt purpose.

The Taos Pueblo Foundation will address Taos Pueblo community needs by supporting programs and organizations to meet or to supplement funding in five focus areas: education, preservation, community wellness, environment, technology.


Donations and contributions will support and promote education and health initiatives, linguistic and cultural awareness and initiatives to preserve and protect cultural and natural resources such as the Taos Pueblo World Heritage Site and Taos Pueblo Blue Lake Wilderness area.