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Water Rights


Taos Pueblo Water Rights Settlement Information.
In 2008 Governor Paul Martinez and War Chief Luis Romero, with the Taos Pueblo Tribal council, announce that local parties have confirmed support for the Congressional delegation to introduce legislation to authorize the Taos Pueblo/Abeyta Indian Water Rights Settlement.

In March 2006 Governor James Lujan Sr. and War Chief Robert Espinosa are pleased to announce that Taos Pueblo and the non-Indian parties, the State of New Mexico, Town of Taos, El Prado Water and Sanitation District, Taos Valley Acequia Association and the Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association, finished the local phase of the Abeyta water negotiations and have completed the Draft Settlement Agreement (“DSA”) that is now available for public disclosure.


PDF links for further information:

pdfProposed Taos Pueblo Partial Final Judgment and Decree (PDF)

pdf1996 – Taos Pueblo Supplemental Claims (PDF)

pdf1997 – US revised SOC for Taos Pueblo Past and Present (PDF)

pdf2012 – Abeyta Settlement Agreement (PDF)

Buffalo Pasture (PDF)
Taos Pueblo Lands (PDF)
Groundwater Model (part 1) – (PDF)
Groundwater Model (part 2) – (PDF)
Taos Valley (PDF)
Proposed Partial Final Judgment and Decree (PDF)
Acequias and Springs (PDF)
Taos Pueblo Water Use Survey as supplemented (PDF)
Town Permitted Water Rights (PDF)
State – Townletter re Bataan Well (PDF)
Map of certain wells etc (PDF)
State – EPWSD letter (PDF)
State – MDWCAs 072806 letter (PDF)
Pueblo permit form (PDF)
Acequia del Medio del Prado PODs (PDF)
Acequia Madre de la Loma On Pueblo Springs (PDF)
US and Pueblo Waivers (PDF)
Waivers of Taos Pueblo claims against US (PDF)

Taos Pueblo Water Quality Standards
2018_TaosPueblo_WQS_Triennial_Review (PDF) Contact the Taos Pueblo Environmental Office for any questions or comments.