The preservation of the Multi-storied building is of high priority for the tribe. The multi-storied buildings are part of the Taos Pueblo experience and are a part of our way life.

Known as Hlauuma (north house) and Hlaukwima (south house), the multi-storied buildings are a key priority for the community.

In order to ensure either building maintains its state, the tribe has created a specific program to ensure our home is protected and maintained.

The Taos Pueblo Preservation Program (TPPP) strives to protect and preserve the cultural heritage of Taos Pueblo as a traditional living community.

The Taos Pueblo Preservation Program is part of a multiyear effort to restore and protect the irreplaceable multi-storied adobe homes located at the heart of Taos Pueblo.

TPPP has also trained and employed Taos Pueblo members as supervisors and apprentices with the aim of training a new generation in both traditional pueblo and modern construction methods.